Seminars/training courses

Seminars for bore machining

The aim of our seminars is to have participants put what they have learned directly into practice. Thus, our instructors are all experienced application technicians. The content of our training courses is up to date and focused on day-to-day practical applications.

Seminar programme

With the IDEEN-FABRIK+ and the comprehensive seminar programme for customers and for staff training, we aim to offer you a measurable and long-lasting competitive advantage in your markets.

In the IDEEN-FABRIK+ we want to reduce your unit costs and increase your productivity. We can train your employees to do exactly what you need them to.We will make them aware of the performance potential of different tools and cutting materials, and how the cutting parameters can be optimised by choosing the right combination. We will also train them how to use innovative tooling technology effectively.You can find a detailed description of each individual seminar in the seminar overview. Appointments on request.


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All seminars take place on request.