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The Cutting Edge

Total Productivity Solutions

Live in action! In-depth demonstration!
Machining with ultrahard cutting materials and the ToolScope assistance system.

18.–23.09.2017 Hannover Hall 4 | Booth A64

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Freeze plug

Produce a hole without residual
chips in the component

Through-holes in cavities and chambers.


Drilling tool with 3D-printed chip guiding inserts

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Solutions for the best performance

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MicroKom BluFlex 2

High level precision and simple handling

User-friendly handling through high-contrast OLED display

Bluetooth interface for Android- and iOS-Smartphones

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Assistance Systems

With THE CUTTING EDGE, only the most advanced technology makes the cut,
stands the KOMET GROUP  for the systematic development and implementation
of innovative ideas and technologically forward-looking products.

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The (R)Evolution

Laser melting as an additive manufacturing process

Maximum number of cutting edges –
HPC-optimised cutting edge geometry
-approx. 50 % higher feed rate!

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