Environment & Sustainability

Resource-oriented environmental management

At  KOMET®  , the utmost importance is attached to our environmental responsibility and it is firmly established within our mission statement. We have what it takes to link high-quality products with effective measures to protect the environment.

KOMET is committed to the principles of sustainability and is committed to the responsible use of raw materials and the careful recovery of waste materials. We consider the applicable legal standards to be only a minimum requirement. In accordance with ISO 14001, we are obligated to implement continuous improvements that have environmental benefits. Production procedures that conserve resources, minimising emissions, and state-of-the-art facilities all guarantee consistent environmental management.

We promote environmental awareness among our employees at all levels and in all areas of work and production. Each individual employee is asked to comply with the applicable standards and, in addition, to make an active contribution to environmental protection. New ideas for improvement are tested and then promptly implemented.

We also ensure that applicable environmental guidelines are adhered to and implemented when we select our suppliers and partners. This is the only way we can ensure that we are consistently taking responsibility when it comes to the environment.