More than just tools

As a manufacturer of premium tools, we offer tangible benefits, including customer service and support but also imaginative flair which inspires our customers.

We offer our customers something extra when it comes to support and services

As a pioneer of machining, we have more to offer than just tools. Our customers expect us to provide them with a "Plus". And for us, that "Plus" stands for added value. And TOOLS PLUS IDEAS expresses precisely this added value. The idea behind this is that we offer both our national and international customers something extra when it comes to service, support and imaginative flair.Innovative tool concepts and integrated solutions have always been among our core areas of expertise. We take a holistic approach and develop sophisticated, customer-specific solutions with exemplary creativity for all machining and manufacturing processes. We call this TOOLS PLUS IDEAS – our customers call this the KOMET GROUP. Get in touch with us so that we can work together with you to develop your own special "PLUS".

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The  KOMET GROUP  's service brand deals with all types of operations related to conditioning drilling, reaming and threading tools to return them to their original quality. We also offer an extensive network of partners for our customers' convenience.



Your manufacturing process is one of a kind – and we think like nobody else. We pool all of the strengths that make us one of the industry's leading innovators into the project management process.

Project management


With a comprehensive assistance system for production machining, we are the first – and so far the only – tool manufacturer with a creditable and coherent approach to Industry 4.0.



This is the place where customers with special requirements meet our experts working in development and out in the relevant field. The latest knowledge is transferred through training, expert forums and events.