Easy to use: The indexable inserts with three cutting edges can be fitted to the new KOMET Freemax indexable insert reaming tool in any order.

KOMET will attend EMO 2017 as a full-range provider of tools with ultra-hard cutting materials. Pictures: KOMET Deutschland GmbH

This KOMET PCD drilling tool has special, 3D-printed chip guiding inserts in the chip grooves, which also ensure a chip-free component when producing through-holes in cavities and chambers.

Interpolation turning with a special KomTronic U-axis tool reduces the overall machining time for this turbocharger by 25%.

Communicates via its own web server: The new series of the KOMET KomTronic U-axis UAS160 – series 3. It also offers advantages such as a more compact and therefore more robust design, use of the direct position measuring system on the slide and a 48 V operating system.

ToolScope installations are also mainly performed via hardware located in the control cabinet. But the future belongs to a cloud-based solution which is much more flexible to use.

Tools for quantum leaps in productivity – Preliminary report on EMO 2017

Requirements in machining are currently changing at an extremely rapid pace. KOMET has responded equally quickly and will increase its focus on customer needs with the establishment of three new business units. The stated objective is to provide customers with exactly the tools they need to increase their productivity. At its EMO trade fair stand (Hall 4, A64), KOMET will present its product range designed with this purpose in mind, which focuses on project-specific developments and digital products in addition to efficient standard precision tools.

Products, projects and digitisation – in the opinion of KOMET CEO Dr Christof Bönsch, these will be the three mainstays of the group over the next ten years. This is down to the changes currently taking place in the market for machining companies. Although high-performance precision tools still play a major role, a standardised catalogue tool simply will not do for many applications. This has led KOMET to accelerate digitisation and project work involving collaborating with customers to develop machining solutions. "The ToolScope assistance system makes us the first company in the tool industry to take a clear stance in favour of digitisation in the world of machining," explains Dr Bönsch. "In a short time, we have also become an important partner for our customers in this field."

Leading the way in standard solutions
To build on the position that has been achieved, KOMET is advancing development in the three principal directions mentioned. The internationally successful tool manufacturer will present a number of new developments at EMO 2017. Among the catalogue goods, i.e. the "productivity components" that can be delivered at short notice, the range of ultra-hard cutting materials stands out, as these are the key to high-performance and efficient machining processes – particularly with lightweight construction materials or in hard machining. KOMET offers a full range of drilling, turning, milling and threading tools which are equipped with PCD (polycrystalline diamond), CVD-D (thick-layer diamond), CBN (cubic boron nitride) and NCD (nanocrystalline diamond) as soldered-on elements or as a coating and ensure efficient machining. The new CBN tools deserve a special look, as the varied cutting edge preparations (chamfer and rounding) can achieve a new level of application-specific process optimisation.

A highlight for reaming is KOMET's Freemax indexable insert tool, which enables simple handling and virtually eliminates the risk of error. The key to this is that the indexable inserts with three cutting edges can now be fitted to the new tool in any order. The Freemax tool will be available in a diameter range from 70 to 100 mm for EMO. Tools smaller than 40 mm and larger than 100 mm will follow in the near future.

KOMET has got it spot on with the development of new PCD face-milling cutters with cutting edge holders manufactured using 3D printing. They are more impressive than conventionally manufactured PCD face-milling tools available on the market thanks to an almost twofold increase in productivity. This is because the new procedure enables much more material to be cut than was previously possible with a tool of the same diameter. This is accompanied by a freely configurable coolant channel, which guides the flow of coolant precisely to the machining location. The axis angles can also be designed larger, which helps improve functionality: The cutting action is softer and quieter, and the workpieces exhibit virtually no burr. New patented developments will soon pave the way for expanding the range to a diameter of up to 100 mm.

Component-specific solutions and special tools
The 3D printing method opens up new opportunities in productivity for object-specific tool developments too, referred to as "engineered productivity solutions". As a result, KOMET has been able to develop a PCD drilling tool which prevents any chips remaining in the component when producing through-holes in cavities and chambers. The tool, which is suitable for counterboring and continuous drilling, contains special chip guiding inserts in the chip grooves which cannot be produced using conventional methods. The special design of the chip guiding groove and the coolant channel with back-flushing can only be produced using 3D printing technology. KOMET will demonstrate how the new PCD drills work at the trade fair, using a freeze plug in water-cooled engines as an example.

Another newly developed KOMET PCD special tool is sure to cause quite a stir at EMO: A face-milling cutter – developed for machining a crankcase – which uses suction at high speeds to help with chip removal. This patent-pending system is based on a specially designed chip groove and the chip shape produced by the indexable insert. This suction, which draws the chips upwards, is produced in combination with guidance of the coolant to the front face of the face-milling cutter.

A prime example of KOMET's outstanding expertise in providing solutions is also the boring bar developed for a specific application with a length of approximately 3800 mm and a length/diameter ratio of around 60. It creates several fixing bores of H8 quality in a rotor shaft and maintains 0.04 mm parallelism with the component axis as well. Conventional coolant (emulsion) is not permitted for use when machining, which makes this task even more difficult.

The turbocharger machining demonstration is sure to draw visitors to the stand. This machining process was developed by a KOMET project team together with the customer and machine manufacturer. By using a machining centre together with KOMET machining optimisation with a special KomTronic U-axis tool, a time saving of up to 67% can be made for V-belt machining alone. This is mainly the result of interpolation turning with the U-axis system, which replaces the circular interpolation milling process which was originally used. This means that the time required for the entire machining process for the component is reduced by 25%. The tool costs are much lower too, because using snap-on tools on the KOMET U-axis allows you to opt for standard indexable inserts.

The future is digital
Mechatronic tools like the U-axis are a major component of "digital productivity solutions", i.e. digital KOMET products. The new series of the KOMET KomTronic U-axis UAS160 presented at the EMO – series 3 – features its own web server, which makes it possible to perform configuration, parameterisation and diagnostics externally. New software can also be installed over the network. Other strengths of series 3 include the compact, robust design, use of the direct position measuring system on the slide with a 50 nm resolution and a 48 V operating system. It also offers a control cycle time of 1 ms.

However, the core element of all digital KOMET products is, and will remain, the ToolScope assistance system, which is continuing to develop at a rapid pace. The original process monitoring system has now become a largely open platform on which various different apps can be run. At the trade fair, KOMET will present the new ToolScope firmware V11, which offers various possibilities, including that of using extended cloud functions. Against this background, KOMET is presenting a new software program that can implement ToolScope functions entirely without installing hardware, i.e. it is purely server-based.

In additional to its traditional use as an assistance system which records and documents signals inside the machine during the machining process, such as the torque of a spindle or the feed force of an axis, and which calculates variables and derives trends from them, ToolScope also acts as a provider of big data. This data can be entered into a KOMET cloud or a local customer computer centre. The trade fair appearance will focus on the benefits that customers can gain from ToolScope and all the associated solutions. The overarching premise being that KOMET solutions make customers more productive.

CERATIZIT – passion and pioneering spirit for carbides

For over 95 years, CERATIZIT has been a pioneer developing exceptional hard material products for cutting tools and wear protection. The privately owned company, based in Mamer, Luxembourg, develops and manufactures highly specialised carbide cutting tools, inserts and rods made of hard materials as well as wear parts. We are the market leader in several wear part application areas, and successfully develop new types of carbide, cermet and ceramic grades which are used for instance in the wood and stone working industry.

With over 9,000 employees at 34 production sites and a sales network of over 70 branch offices, the Group is a global player in the carbide industry. Our international network also includes the subsidiaries KOMET, WNT, and Becker Diamantwerkzeuge, as well as the joint venture CB-CERATIZIT. As a leader in materials technology, we continuously invest in research and development and hold over 1,000 patents. Our innovative carbide solutions are used in mechanical engineering and tool construction and many other industries including the automotive, aerospace, oil and medical sectors.

We are active on the market through the seven competence brands Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT, Toolmaker Solutions by CERATIZIT, Tool Solutions by CERATIZIT as well as Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, KOMET, WNT and KLENK.