The new KOMET JEL PCD drilling tool for drilling water plugs includes chip spoilers manufactured using the generative process of laser melting. This means they fit intricately in the tool and provide reliable chip removal. Picture: KOMET Deutschland GmbH

Drilling tool with chip spoilers

KOMET®  has developed a new PCD drilling tool for drilling water and freeze plugs, which, thanks to its innovative chip spoilers, prevents chip build-up in components.

Engine blocks generally contain "water plugs" or "freeze plugs", which – in the event that the coolant freezes – prevent damage to the engine. KOMET has a specific range of tools to create the drill holes for these plugs, including a particularly efficient brand new PCD drilling tool equipped with "chip spoilers", which are highly effective at preventing chip build-up in components. The key to this is  KOMET's  use of additive manufacturing, which makes it possible to construct highly intricate chip spoilers with optimised, curved cooling channels.

Although the chip space on a conventional drilling tool is open to the side and the front, the chip spoiler on every cutting edge covers the groove frontally and radially. That leaves only a narrow gap of a few tenths of a millimetre between the spoiler and the cutting edge of the tool, through which any chips produced can run off. The spoiler channel then guides them reliably out of the drill hole. That's how the new water-plug drilling tool can be used to prevent chips remaining in the drill hole. Furthermore, initial experiences in production have shown that the cost of monitoring chips remaining in components has reduced considerably.

CERATIZIT – passion and pioneering spirit for carbides

For over 95 years, CERATIZIT has been a pioneer developing exceptional hard material products for cutting tools and wear protection. The privately owned company, based in Mamer, Luxembourg, develops and manufactures highly specialised carbide cutting tools, inserts and rods made of hard materials as well as wear parts. We are the market leader in several wear part application areas, and successfully develop new types of carbide, cermet and ceramic grades which are used for instance in the wood and stone working industry.

With over 9,000 employees at 34 production sites and a sales network of over 70 branch offices, the Group is a global player in the carbide industry. Our international network also includes the subsidiaries KOMET, WNT, and Becker Diamantwerkzeuge, as well as the joint venture CB-CERATIZIT. As a leader in materials technology, we continuously invest in research and development and hold over 1,000 patents. Our innovative carbide solutions are used in mechanical engineering and tool construction and many other industries including the automotive, aerospace, oil and medical sectors.

We are active on the market through the seven competence brands Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT, Toolmaker Solutions by CERATIZIT, Tool Solutions by CERATIZIT as well as Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, KOMET, WNT and KLENK.