Actuating tools

Actuating tools are machining systems that allow users to machine rotationally symmetrical turning contours into a stationary workpiece. As a general rule, we make a distinction between permanently installed KomDrive, and exchangeable  KomTronic®  systems.

KomTronic®  U-axis systems

The successful  KomTronic®  U-axis system is a modular system that offers users greater flexibility and broadens the options for application. One of the initial approaches in the development of mechatronic machining tools was wear compensation, which works by adjusting the cutting edge. The system offers the option of automatic cutting edge compensation by means of workpiece measuring devices, as well as the option of creating a flexible cutting edge adjustment for contour machining.Combined with process-specific production measurement technology, dimensions can be corrected for greater accuracy and quality assurance in the production process.


Product range

KomDrive – facing heads

The slides of the facing heads are actuated mechanically through precision ground serrated rack components designed with maximum engagement of the teeth or by the rotating motion of a shaft. The facing-head or eccentric stroke can be limited by positive limit stops.
Sliding surfaces exhibit high hardness and excellent frictional characteristics through nitride treatment.


Ihr Plus

  • Low coefficient of friction through special surface treatment of the sliding components.
  • Max. average backlash of 10 micrometers (0.0004 inches).
  • Compact slide designs including integrated  ABS®-N connections for highest rigidity and metal removal.
  • High spindle speeds without compromising machining accuracy or service life.
  • Precision manufacturing processes and extensive research and development warrant the highest technological level.


Product range



Our customers choose us because our premium tools represent the pinnacle of process reliability and precision. As a pioneer of machining, we offer tangible benefits, including not only customer service and support but also imaginative flair which inspires our customers.

  • Holistic approach to creating sophisticated solutions for machining and manufacturing processes
  • Designing innovations that focus on the key issues of the future, such as Industry 4.0 and lean automation, and then using them in real-life applications
  • Development of new service concepts that streamline logistics operations and workflows
  • Conditioning drilling, reaming, milling and threading tools to return them to their original quality
  • Sharing the latest practical knowledge through training, expert forums and events
Tool conditioning that matches the original quality KOMET SERVICE
Individual process/tool design PROJECT MANAGEMENT
Coherent Industry 4.0 approach ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS
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