KOMET®  Adapters

Perfect connections between tool and machine

As the interface between the tool and the machine, adapters have a great influence on the result and the economy of the complete machining process. KOMET®  tool adapters offer a comprehensive range for every requirement.

ABS®  Adapter

One benefit of the  KOMET  ABS®  connection is substantially higher clamping forces.


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Shrink-fit chucks

Heat-shrink chucks offer an optimal relationship between radial rigidity and holding torque for powerful machining.


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Hydro-expansion chucks

Hydro-expansion chucks are universal chucks for powerful, particularly demanding and ultra-precise applications.


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PSC Adapters

Our universal tool holder system with a polygonal shank taper and  ABS®- or HSK-connection has a proven track record in turning, milling and drilling.

NEW: PSC connection


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HSK-A Adaptors ISO 12164-1

One of the most common interfaces between the machine spindle and the tool is the hollow shank taper, standardised in ISO 12164.


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Steep taper adapters

The steep taper (standardised in DIN 69871 part 1) is a tool taper for clamping tools in the main spindle of a machine tool.


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VDI Adapters

A tool adapter for stationary use in accordance with DIN 69880.


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Cylindrical-shank adapters for screw-on milling cutters

Suitable for fitting to a shrink chuck. For screw-in cutters with M5, M8, M10, M12 and M16 threads.


Quatron hi.feed screw-in cutters

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KOMET®  Easy Special Adapters

Design your own tool adapter. HSK adapters with an  ABS®  connection and steep taper adapters with an  ABS® , connection and extensions or reduction pieces can usually be created according to your requirements. Simply define your dimensions, then we will check your specifications for technical feasibility and you will receive a prompt reply.


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KOMET  DIHART  DAH®  compensating holders

KOMET  DIHART  DAH®  compensating holders are static compensating systems, while DPS floating holders are dynamic compensating systems. Axis and concentricity errors are compensated for extremely easily.

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Synchro tapping chuck

Modern CNC machines allow synchronous thread tapping without a compensating chuck, also called "rigid tapping".

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