HSK-A adapters

Benefits to you

  • The hollow shank taper is the modern interface between the machine spindle and the tool
  • The HSK is standardised in ISO 12164
  • The HSK-A version is used for automatic tool changes on machining centres, turning and milling centres, milling machines and other machine tools
  • The HSK-A can also be used on machines which require tools to be changed manually
  • KOMET®  can supply additional HSK versions on request
  • Chip holes of 10×4.5 are stipulated by the standard


The key feature of the HSK is the tapered and flat bearing face. This has significant advantages

  • Unbeatable tool changing precision
  • High static rigidity
  • High radial rigidity
  • Small dimensions
  • Low weights
  • Suitable for use at high speeds
  • Shorter tool changeover times thanks to lower weights
  • Faster acceleration in the machine



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