Hydro-expansion chucks

Hydro-expansion chucks (1) impress with μ-precise tool changes that can be made in seconds. A few simple movements are all it takes to quickly change tools with complete process reliability.


Benefits to you

  • Unbeatable repeat concentricity and accuracy of < 0.003 mm ensures a uniform cut
  • Excellent vibration damping for optimum surface quality
  • High flexibility thanks to intermediate bushings; tool diameters of 0.8–25 mm can be clamped


KS universal hydro-expansion chucks

The  KOMET®  KS hydro-expansion chucks (2) are certain to impress in milling, drilling, reaming and threading applications. These tool holders are characterised by a high level of concentricity and repeat accuracy of 3 µm. This guarantees not only a uniform cut but also low wear, extremely high process reliability and a tool life that is up to four times longer. KOMET®  intermediate bushings enable different shank diameters to be clamped precisely. A completely closed system ensures that dirt, coolants, lubricants and chips do not enter the system.


Benefits to you

  • High torque up to 900 Nm (at x 20) and 2000 Nm (at x 32)
  • Higher material removal rate
  • High radial rigidity for optimal dimensional accuracy
  • Improved concentricity of < 0.003 mm without oscillations
  • Excellent vibration damping
  • Finely balanced as standard, and therefore suitable for HSC machining
  • Maintenance-free and long service life



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