ThermoGrip® shrink-fit chucks

Maximum clamping forces with slim design

In order to achieve maximum clamping forces with a slim chuck design and maximum speeds, the THERMOGRIP® shrink-fit technology is also used in addition to conventional mechanical clamping techniques.



Benefits to you

  • Fast fitting and removal
  • Maximum clamping forces possible
  • Increased tool and spindle service life
  • Good surface quality due to the high rigidity of the tool clamping
  • Good bending and radial rigidity even with large projection lengths
  • Clamping of HM and HSS tools with shank tolerance h6, < Ø 6 h5 to DIN 6335 and DIN 1835 possible with the same clamping chucks
  • Due to the use of heat-resistant special steel and a special tempering process, the clamping chucks have a particularly high service life and dimensional stability
  • Chuck concentricity 3 μm
  • For use at the highest speeds



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ThermoGrip® is a registered trademark of Bilz Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co. KG