Get KOMET® on your Android or Apple device.
The KOMET® apps provide you with useful tools such as the cutting data calculator, or the JEL TPT tool selector with program generator. For use at home or on the road

KOMET®  Cutting Data Calculator

Useful tool for calculating various machining parameters. Cutting speed (vc), spindle speed (n), feed (vf), feed (f), machining time (th), drive power (P) and the torque (Md) can be calculated. Simply enter the values. The app calculates in the backgroud. An optimal machining process requires the correct cutting data. With the use of the KOMET GROUP app you have the full control of the machining process. The app starts in German, but can be switched to English language.

TPT mobile: Tool Selection and CNC Generating Program

TPT mobile is listing you all suitable standard thread milling cutters, respective drill-/thread milling cutters after you have inkeyed your threading application.



For the chosen tools you will receive a CNC-program. 6 different controls are available. TPT online can be operated in 6 languages, as well as the the data output.

Available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

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Innovative tool concepts and integrated solutions have always been among the core competencies of the KOMET GROUP. We see ourselves not as a mere tool manufacturer, but as a provider of innovative ideas. With the new app KOMET GROUP we offer our customers a more in support and services.


App Features

  • KOMET GROUP Product Overview
  • Cutting data calculator for calculating average speed, speed, feed, processing time, input power and torque
  • Dictionary of German / English with full text search
  • International Material classification
  • Videos

KOMET®  Stock

After entering a Username and Password, the new Stock checker app allows the user to view the current stock levels of the KOMET GROUP. The list shown can be sorted into to three different categories, Part number, Tool Description and Stock quantities. With an additional full-text search also possible.

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