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ToolScope, or how machines become smart.

ToolScope, or how machines become smart

With the field of digital productivity solutions, CERATIZIT is setting the course for the digital future of machining. The ToolScope monitoring and assistance system provides the basis for this. With ToolScope, CERATIZIT is the only tool manufacturer to offer a true Industry 4.0 solution, even for small and medium-sized companies. It records and documents the machine's internal data during the machining process, such as the torque of a spindle or name of the current program. Occurrences such as tool changes or machine standstills are also recorded and are available for further analysis.

ToolScopes can be integrated exceptionally well into customers' IT infrastructure. Machines which are equipped with ToolScopes can store their operating data in a cloud. The data can be called up in clear reports. Even if it is only installed on one machine, the investment pays off within a short time.


Big data solutions from ToolScope

ToolScope – now also available as software

The monitoring and assistance system ToolScope has rapidly developed. Its traditional capabilities of recording and evaluating machine internal signals were massively extended. ToolScope now offers its services as a big data provider, too. CERATIZIT delivers evaluation tools for the provided data.

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