Drilling tools

It's not about the workpiece

It takes a great deal of hard work and an abiding passion for machining to become a leading expert in drilling technology. This is what drives us to keep redefining what performance means to us, impressing our customers with perfect products time and time again.

Passion for drilling

KOMET is one of the world's leading providers of high-precision drilling tools for efficient bore machining. Our potential for providing innovative solutions, a comprehensive performance spectrum and personal commitment form the basis for successful partnerships with our customers. Experience our expertise for yourself on our YouTube channel.


Solid drilling tools

With the development of solid drill bits,  KOMET®  entered completely new territory in the Seventies. The  KUB®  solid drill bit range has now become a leading concept in tool design.Through the use of high-performance carbides and the latest generation of coatings, the cutting edges are always ideally matched with the solid bit drilling process.KOMET also provides its service and after-sales spectrum internationally. You will find us in any location where you manufacture products which demand a high level of quality.

Product range

Rough boring tool

The particular features of the innovative  KOMET®  twin cutter programme  TwinKom®  are a high level of efficiency and flexibility. A large selection of different holders and inserts will solve every kind of application – even difficult machining tasks – with the right insert geometry.

Product range

MicroKom­­® hi.flex Fine boring system

MicroKom­­® Micro-adjustable head M04

MicroKom­­® Fine boring system M03Speed

TwinKom® Twin cutter tool

Fine boring tools

Modern batch production is characterised by the shortest machining times and the highest quality requirements. To meet these demands, highly developed tools need to be used with the latest cutting materials and efficient coatings.

KOMET offer excellent tools solutions for the fine boring area.

Product range

KOMET®  Easy Special

Is there no solution in the standard range?
Are the dimensions not what you require?

Design your own tool!

Easy Special  makes it possible for you create your own combination of standard modules in the widest variety of dimensions. Select the basic type, define the effective length and choose the desired adapter for the tool. We check you specifications for technical feasibility and you receive a prompt reply.

Further information

Fine turning inserts

Turning tools & short clamping holders

Adjustable indexable inserts & Flat-bedding inserts


KOMET  Kometric® - Flexibility in drilling machining

With the Kometric®  installation sets, KOMET®  offers the possibility of uncomplicated, economical installation of indexable inserts and fine turning inserts in tools for the most flexible possible use in the smallest space. The use of special tools enables the combination of several machining tasks into one work step, for consistent quality at reduced manufacturing costs.


Benefits to you

    •     Easy to fit
    •     Minimum space requirement
    •     Flexible in use
    •     Reduced manufacturing costs


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    PCD/NCD tools

    KOMET®  is a technology and quality leader in the field of poly- and nano diamond coating. We manufacture high-grade nano-diamond-coated tools for applications in the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace industries, for mould making and the energy sector. The method used allows ultra-fine, top-quality and high-purity diamond layers to be applied even to large and complex-shaped surfaces.

    Product range

    KOMET®  special tools

    If you're looking for solutions, we can provide results. Developing customer-specific solutions is one of  KOMETs main areas of expertise. It is often impossible to perform machining operations using standard tools owing to requirements relating to geometry and tolerance, as well as the desire to combine several machining steps in one tool. Project management at KOMET is setting standards in this regard in the personalised development of special tools.

    Special drilling tools


    Indexable inserts

    KOMET®  inserts and the appropriate tools provide the user with an efficient system for machining any materials.

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    With our comprehension programme of tool adaptors we have the right answer for every requirement. Adaptors with connections specified by manufacturers available on request.

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    Our customers choose us because our premium tools represent the pinnacle of process reliability and precision. As a pioneer of machining, we offer tangible benefits, including not only customer service and support but also imaginative flair which inspires our customers.

    • Holistic approach to creating sophisticated solutions for machining and manufacturing processes
    • Designing innovations that focus on the key issues of the future, such as Industry 4.0 and lean automation, and then using them in real-life applications
    • Development of new service concepts that streamline logistics operations and workflows
    • Conditioning drilling, reaming, milling and threading tools to return them to their original quality
    • Sharing the latest practical knowledge through training, expert forums and events
    Tool reconditioning that matches the original quality KOMET SERVICE
    Custom process/tool design PROJECT MANAGEMENT
    Coherent Industry 4.0 approach ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS
    Sharing knowledge through the exchange of experts IDEEN-FABRIK