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Our extensive range of milling tools guarantees the production of optimum surfaces in terms of quality and performance. Thanks to maximum process reliability, our tools form the basis for cost-effective production at our customer sites.

Fascination with milling

Anyone who enjoys a high status as we do in the drilling. Our range of extremely high-performance milling cutters enables us to react to changes in the markets and in our customers' requirements. We are a complete provider in this field, which groups together all our areas of practical expertise. Experience our expertise for yourself on our YouTube channel.


Indexable insert milling cutters

Combining an innovative design and the special geometry of their indexable inserts,  KOMET®  milling cutters make a distinctive difference when machining an extremely wide variety of different materials. Using more than 70 indexable inserts with different topographies, substrates and coatings, which can be combined with a variety of 60 basic body designs,  KOMET®  provides a versatile, complete range of tools with which all types of milling – from face, shoulder and chamfer milling to milling straight, 45-degree and T-slots; circular and plunge milling, inclined plunge milling, and even free-form milling – can be mastered with optimum efficiency.

Product range

Milling cutters for hardened steel 50–65 HRC

Milling cutters for hardened steel 46–56 HRC

Milling cutters for rounding off and deburring

Milling cutters for chamfering

Milling cutters for finishing

Milling cutters for roughing

Milling cutters for aluminium machining

Milling cutters for graphite machining

Milling cutters for universal use

Solid carbide milling cutters

The new solid carbide end milling cutter range provides tools to meet all demands in the 1.0–25.0 mm diameter range.

They can be used in both cast and steel materials, for soft and hard machining (up to 65 HRC), and in mould and die making. Tools for aluminium and non-ferrous metal machining round off the product range.

Product range

NCD composite milling cutters

In an era of increasing awareness of the issues surrounding energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency, the lightweight construction segment is becoming more and more important. Composite materials are winning increasingly larger shares of the market at a rapid pace. Outstanding material properties, however, also present challenges for the manufacturers of precision tools. The extremely high strength and complex make-up of these materials are placing new demands on the tools that work them: The high degree of abrasiveness means that conventional tools in drilling and milling setups last only a few metres.In light of this requirement, KOMET has developed a brand new class of tools distinguished by their innovative geometry, suitability for new machining strategies involving very high cutting parameters and also by the use of intelligent cutting materials: These new solutions range from single-edge to multi-tooth milling cutters and from drills with a new first-cut geometry to indexable tools having a special insert arrangement. Cutting materials have also followed the trend:  KOMET®   diamond coatings and PCD solutions are demonstrating that they are fully equipped for the task.

Product range

PCD milling cutters

The use of PCD monotools in the production of aluminium components is widespread. This system is distinguished by the minimum effort required to set an increased number of teeth, as well as its long service life and very low roughness depths. If, however, areas of surface roughness are required or need to be even rougher than the very good standard surfaces produced during PCD machining, then PCD tools often meet their limits.This can be remedied with a PCD auxiliary cutter(s) individually adapted to the application situation, which can also be fitted retroactively in existing standard tools. These can be precisely adjusted axially with face-milling cutters and radially with drilling and reaming tools for the required surface finish. This means that the required roughness can be achieved, for example for seals. Not only are larger Rz values attainable, but improvements to the surface, e.g. by means of a wiper edge insert, are also possible.

Product range

Countersinking and deburring

Wherever a drilling process is performed, there will be burr at the entry to and exit of the drilled hole.Removing this burr results in major advantages in many applications. Whether you want to ensure safety around the component so that nobody is injured by the sharp edge, or because clean access is required in order to continue machining the drilled hole for a measuring procedure or for performing precision machining operations on the drilled hole. A clean counterbore and removal of burr are also required to allow a reamer to enter the drilled hole in an optimum manner. During thread cutting, it is particularly important to create the correct counterbore at the drilled hole so that the tap can master the front of the cutting edge without difficulty and the thread can be created without errors. For blind holes, it is often necessary to create counterbores at the bottom of the drilled hole even after pre-machining. If a twist drill with an angular tip is used for pre-machining, a suitable spot sinker can be used to make the bottom of the drilled hole level in a second work step. For creating blind hole threads where the drilled hole must not be too deep, a spot-facing procedure may therefore often be the right solution.

Product range


Indexable inserts

With  KOMET®  indexable inserts and the associated tools provide users with an efficient concept for machining any type of material.

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We can offer the ideal solution for any requirement with our comprehensive range of tool adapters. Adapters with manufacturer-specific interfaces can be supplied on request.

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KOMET®  custom tools

If you're looking for solutions, we can provide results. Developing customer-specific solutions is one of KOMET's  main areas of expertise. It is often impossible to perform machining operations using standard tools owing to requirements relating to geometry and tolerance, as well as the desire to combine several machining steps in one tool. Project management at KOMET is setting standards in this regard in the personalised development of custom tools.

Custom milling tools



Our customers choose us because our premium tools represent the pinnacle of process reliability and precision. As a pioneer of machining, we offer tangible benefits, including not only customer service and support but also imaginative flair which inspires our customers.

  • Holistic approach to creating sophisticated solutions for machining and manufacturing processes
  • Designing innovations that focus on the key issues of the future, such as Industry 4.0 and lean automation, and then using them in real-life applications
  • Development of new service concepts that streamline logistics operations and workflows
  • Conditioning drilling, reaming, milling and threading tools to return them to their original quality
  • Sharing the latest practical knowledge through training, expert forums and events
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