PCD milling cutter

Use of PCD monotools in the production of aluminium components is wide spread. This system is distinguished by the minimum effort required to set an increased number of teeth, as well as its long service life and very low roughness depths.

If, however, areas of surface roughness are required or need to be even rougher than the very good standard surfaces produced during PCD machining, then PCD tools often meet their limits.

This can be remedied with a PCD auxiliary cutter(s) individually adapted to the application situation, which can also be fitted retroactively in existing standard tools.

Additive tool manufacturing

The use of 3D printing to manufacture tools produces ­geometries that would otherwise be impossible by conventional means. This new dimension to tool design has its unique advantages: More cutting edges and an HPC-­optimised cutting edge geometry significantly increase tool productivity, achieving a feed rate that is up to 50% higher. The optimised course of the coolant channels ensures that each cutting edge is precisely supplied with coolant by a ­separate channel. 3D printing also outperforms conventional production methods in terms of delivery time. Experience our expertise for yourself on our YouTube channel.


Comparison conventional to additive – additive manufactured tools in practice

The key benefits of 3D printing

  • Greater productivity thanks to HPC-optimised cutting edge geometry and the number of cutting edges
  • Reduced component weight – material is only used where necessary for optimum component functionality
  • Special tools can be delivered in a short space of time
  • Cooling channels in the tool can be optimised to suit the machining process
  • Greater design freedom – 3D printing is not restricted by conventional manufacturing rules
  • Innovative tool solutions thanks to new design freedom
Experience our expertise for yourself on our YouTube channel.


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