KOMET  JEL®  PCD Face and corner milling cutter

The  KOMET  JEL®  PCD Face and corner milling cutter is noteworthy for its outstanding cost efficiency. High feeds, cutting depth and longest tool lifes can be achieved thanks to the high number of teeth and solid design. 


benefits to you

  • Cutting depths of up to 8 mm  thanks to firmly soldered cutting edges in a solid basic body
  • Short cycle times thanks to maximum number of cutting edges and highest cutting speeds
  • No adjustment necessary thanks to Monoblock design
  • Attainable surface quality: Rz < 10 µm (type 150) thanks to fine balancing and extremely tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Available in two variants:
  • type 140: for Rz > 10 µm - with eroded cutting edge design
  • type 150: for Rz < 10 µm - with special cutting edge design
  • Internal cooling supply
  • Fed to the cutting edge via a coolant screw
  • Available at short notice
  • PCD face milling cutter available ex stock