KOMET  JEL®  PCD face-milling cutter


Laser melted monoblock tool

Monoblock tool with extremely short delivery times and hybrid design. 3D-printed cutting edge holder fitted with PCD cutting edges. The optimised course of the coolant channels ensures that each cutting edge is precisely supplied with coolant by a separate channel and that chips are reliably removed from the face.


benefits to you

  • Their unique design affords productivity increases of up to 100% compared to conventional tools
  • Lower cutting forces and minimised burring
  • Reduced component weight – material is only used where necessary for optimum component functionality
  • Optimised cooling channel design for improved chip evacuation and more effective cooling
  • Greater design freedom – 3D printing is not restricted by conventional manufacturing rules. Innovative tool solutions thanks to new design freedom
  • Variants: ECO, PERFORMANCE and HPC (High Performance Cutting) with up to 32 cutters
  • Further diameters and variations on request
  • Useful length that can be individually determined
  • Maximum number of cutting edges
  • HPC-optimised cutting edge geometry
  • Maximum feed rate


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