KOMET  JEL®  PCD Compression milling cutter

Fibrous composites are inhomogeneous materials that are essentially an assembly of three components – fibres and matrices or binders. Typical fibres include carbon fibre (CFRP), glass fibre (GFRP) or aramid fibre (AFRP). With respect to their tensile strength, they are categorised into HT (high tenacity), UT (ultra high tenacity) and IM (intermediate modulus). Depending on the properties desired, the fibres differ in length, thickness and relative orientation (unidirectional, bidirectional, multidirectional).

In addition to KOMET® NCD-coated tools, this left-right toothed PCD compression milling cutter is specially designed for trimming composite materials.


Benefits to you

  • Forces exerted on the top and bottom edges are directed into the material when trimming
  • Greatly reduced delamination
  • Very sharp and long-lasting cutting edge
  • Tool can be restored to its original condition, depending on the condition of the cutting edge



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