KOMET  JEL®  PCD Slot milling cutter

PCD screw-in cutters for grooving and face milling Milling shoulders and grooves, making circular drilled holes on a helix path, and face and peripheral milling are typical operations that occur frequently when machining components. Among the selling points of the   KOMET   JEL®   PCD milling cutters are that they are highly flexible and easy to handle. The modular system allows you to choose between brazed PCD face milling cutters and PCD slot milling cutters. It also contains a vibration-dampened tool shank available in various lengths. The milling heads are available in diameters of 10 to 32 mm. The heads can be changed quickly and easily on the machine itself.



  • For roughing and finishing in aluminium
  • Face milling, slot milling, peripheral milling and circular milling, as well as machining shoulders and grooves
  • As a "problem solver" for long overhangs


Benefits to you

  • Tool versatility and reduction of costs thanks to modular head system
  • Great flexibility since a variety of lengths can be adapted
  • Good availability: PCD slot milling cutter and PCD face milling cutter: available ex stock



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