Reaming tools

The hardest opponent of roughness

For the economic fine machining of bores, the comprehensive tool programme of standardised one-way heads, from  Monomax®  monoblock tools, PCD reamers and tailor-made multiblade stepped reamers and on to customer-specific special tools, guarantees accurate, economic and reliable machining.

Fascination with reaming

We are setting benchmarks, especially in the standard range, with our reaming tool concepts such as the modular  REAMAX®  TS Duo. KOMET is paving the way on an international level when it comes to PCD reaming tools. Our knowledge of customer-specific solutions provides us with a unique point of view. Experience our expertise for yourself on our YouTube channel.


KOMET DIHART®  Coating update for KOMET DIHART REAMAX®, REAMAX® TS, REAMAX® TS DUO, Cutting ring, MONOMAX®, DUOMAX, Rapid set head

The new DBG-P/DJP coating impresses by increasing the tool life by up to 30 %. It replaces the DBF/DJF coating.

PVD-TiAlN based
PVD-AlCrN based
  • TiAlN-coated K10 fine-grained carbide
  • For high cutting speeds
  • Suitable for MQL applications
  • For universal use in a large number of materials
  • AlCrN-coated Cermet
  • For high cutting speeds
  • Suitable for spheroidal graphite cast iron
  • Suitable for MQL applications
  • Not suitable for interrupted cuts


TOOLS PLUS IDEAS catalogue 2017-2018

Modular reaming system

KOMET  DIHART   Reamax®   TS  is a uniform clamping system with a standardised separation point for all reaming heads, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness thanks to fast and high-precision tool changing.

KOMET   DIHART   Reamax®   TS  guarantees a maximum of system modularity thanks to a versatile and clearly structured range of reaming heads which can handle all commonly encountered diameter ranges and machining requirements. Tool costs and logistical expenditure are thereby reduced to a minimum.

Product range

Reaming with inserts

The use of inserts is revolutionising reaming with multiple blade reamers and setting new levels in precision and function. Each insert has two effective cutting edges. Unlike boring tools, inserts for reaming tools are ground as a complete set directly on the basic element in their specific insert pocket. The positions of the individual cutting edges on an insert are precisely defined during manufacturing and application. Cutting edges ground in a single ­operation ensure the degree of precision required for high precision bore machining.Numerous cutting materials and coatings for machining an extremely wide variety of materials. Indexable insert reaming tools are available on request. They are designed as integral tools or as a modular tool system, depending on application. For extremely small tolerances, they can be produced in an adjustable version. The tools can be supplied in single or multi-step versions from a diameter of 42 mm.

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The comprehensive reamer range includes monoblock tools and reamers of carbide or with PCD coating for the most common bore diameters. The reamer range is thoroughly standardised, and therefore guarantees the shortest delivery times. One-piece tools – known as monoblock tools – are one of  KOMET®'s  specialities. The demands which have been made over decades are reflected in an enormous number of types and variations. This successful tool programme has been completely revised and standardised by efficient manufacturing.

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Our classic reaming tools, including the rapid set head and the cutting ring, impress users with their modularity and the fact that the cutting edges can be changed quickly. Different cutting materials and coatings ensure that tools are optimally designed for the successful precision machining of drilled holes.

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PCD / NCD tools

KOMET®  is a technology and quality leader in the field of nano diamond coating. We manufacture high-grade nano-diamond-coated tools for applications in the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace industries, for mould making and the energy sector. The method used allows ultra-fine, top-quality and high-purity diamond layers to be applied even to large and complex-shaped surfaces.

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Compensating holders

KOMET   DIHART   DAH®   compensating holders are static compensating systems, floating holder DPS are dynamic compensating systems. Axis and concentricity errors are compensated for extremely simply. Using the patented  KOMET  DIHART  DAH®  the concentricity of reaming tools and all rotating machining tools can be adjusted quickly, effortlessly and with utmost precision on the machine. Precision bore machining can therefore be executed with extremely high cutting speeds and feed values. The bore quality achieved, such as circularity, cylindricity and surface finishing, leaves nothing to be desired. The use of the  KOMET  DIHART  DAH®  enables you to machine precision bores up to tolerance class IT 4.

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KOMET®  Special tools

If you're looking for solutions, we can provide results. Developing customer-specific solutions is one of  KOMET's main areas of expertise. It is often impossible to perform machining operations using standard tools owing to requirements relating to geometry and tolerance, as well as the desire to combine several machining steps in one tool. Project management at KOMET is setting standards in this regard in the personalised development of special tools.

Special reaming tools


Indexable inserts

KOMET®  inserts and the appropriate tools provide the user with an efficient system for machining any material.

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KOMET  DIHART®  MicroSet System

The new reaming tools from  KOMET®  with individually adjustable cutting inserts are an alternative to ready-to-use ground tools. They feature multiple cutting edges and the cutting inserts for them, which are available ex stock and therefore favourably priced, offer maximum flexibility.

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Our customers choose us because our premium tools represent the pinnacle of process reliability and precision. As a pioneer of machining, we offer tangible benefits, including not only customer service and support but also imaginative flair which inspires our customers.

  • Holistic approach to creating sophisticated solutions for machining and manufacturing processes
  • Designing innovations that focus on the key issues of the future, such as Industry 4.0 and lean automation, and then using them in real-life applications
  • Development of new service concepts that streamline logistics operations and workflows
  • Conditioning drilling, reaming, milling and threading tools to return them to their original quality
  • Sharing the latest practical knowledge through training, expert forums and events
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