KOMET  DIHART  DAH®  compensating holders

KOMET  DIHART  DAH® compensating holders are static compensating systems, while DPS floating holders are dynamic compensating systems. Axis and concentricity errors are compensated for extremely simply. Using the patented  KOMET  DIHART  DAH® makes it possible to adjust the concentricity of reaming tools and all rotating machining tools quickly, effortlessly and with the utmost precision on the machine. Precision bore machining can therefore be executed with extremely high cutting speeds and feed values.

The quality of the bore obtained, in terms of its circularity, cylindricity and surface finish, leaves nothing to be desired. Using  KOMET  DIHART  DAH® enables you to machine precision bores up to tolerance class IT 4.


Benefits to you

  • Compensation systems for μ-precise concentricity
  • Easy correction of concentricity and axis errors
  • Optimised for extremely high speeds
  • Designed for an internal coolant supply
  • Tools rotating concentrically guarantee long tool life



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