Indexable insert reaming – High precision, easy to handle

A highlight for reaming is the  KOMET  DIHART®  Freemax indexable insert tool, which enables simple handling and virtually eliminates the risk of error. The key to this? In previous tools, each insert had to be assigned a specific insert seat (identified by the letters A, B, C, etc.) due to the requirement for concentricity,but this positioning has now become redundant in the new concept.

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With EASY-TO-USE principle – simplified index exchange

Indexable insert technology is setting new standards in precision and functionality – the new  KOMET  DIHART®  Freemax indexable insert reaming tool offers revolutionary ease of use. In previous tools, each insert was assigned a specific insert seat, but this positioning has now become redundant. Users can place the indexable inserts into the new  KOMET  DIHART®  Freemax indexable insert reaming tool in any order – making errors virtually impossible and reducing the logistical effort required.


Diameter H7 – available at Q4/2017

Benefits to you

  • Triple-edged indexable inserts that can be freely assigned
  • Coated carbide and cermet inserts available for machining all material groups in accordance with the ISO standard
  • The clear assignment of each cutting edge by marking on figures prevents incorrect positioning
  • High level of stability thanks to the tangential fitting of the indexable inserts
  • High-precision ground indexable inserts for maximum quality
  • Can be fitted in  KOMET  DIHART  DAH® compensating holders or with  ABS®  connection
  • EASY-TO-USE principle: Handling is straightforward and the need for adjustments is minimal
  • DBG-P coating for better performance



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 KOMET  DIHART®  Freemax