Reaming with indexable insert technology

The use of indexable inserts is revolutionising reaming with reamers that have multiple cutting edges and setting new standards in precision and functionality. Each indexable insert has two usable cutting edges. Unlike those for boring tools, indexable inserts for reaming tools are ground as complete sets directly on the basic element in their specific insert seat. The positions of the individual cutting edges on an indexable insert are precisely defined during manufacturing and in application. The cutting edges are ground in a single operation to ensure the degree of precision required for high-precision bore machining. Using numerous different cutting materials and coatings makes it possible to machine an extremely wide variety of materials with perfect results.


benefits to you

  • Ground to size for maximum precision
  • Cost-effective tool logistics
  • Minimal preparation time
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Concept can be used for an extremely wide variety of  KOMET  DIHART®  tools
  • Low-cost tolerance and geometry changes
  • Can be adjusted to suit extremely small hole tolerances



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Assembly instructions


Make sure that the insert seats (3) and indexable inserts are absolutely clean/grease-free. If necessary, remove tiny dust particles with compressed air.



  • All indexable inserts and insert seats are marked with letters (1) to make sure that they are assigned to the correct insert seat
  • The number markings (2) ensure that all indexable inserts are positioned correctly
  • Tighten the screw (4) (order no. N00 57710) to 2.5 Nm (torque spanner order no. L05 00940)



Measuring the diameter

The measuring tooth is located at letter A and is also marked on the holder with a dot (6). If the diameter is too large, undo the conical screw (5) and turn it to the right to set the correct diameter. The conical screw (5) does not have to be removed completely.

KOMET  DIHART®  indexable insert reaming technology

KOMET  DIHART®  indexable insert reaming technology gives a new meaning to the concept of efficient reaming: A dramatic increase in tool life, simplified tool conditioning and the use of the latest cutting materials and coatings make it possible to considerably improve productivity in the reaming process.


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