When demands are high

Threading gives us a chance to show off our creative side. Our aspirations form the basis of pioneering developments, such as bore thread milling cutters, which combine continuous drilling, counterboring and thread milling in a single tool. These are just two of the numerous innovations that we have provided to rise to the challenges our customers have issued us and make their manufacturing processes significantly more dynamic. For only those who know what lies ahead can step up their demands on threading.

Passion for threading

From the very beginning, we have been continually setting new standards in threading. Our thread milling cutters feature a relatively large core cross section and narrow, geometrically optimised flutes. These characteristics provide effective chip formation and low cutting pressures during thread milling. Experience our expertise for yourself on our YouTube channel.




MGF XH Micro

Tomill GWF

Tomill Cut

Thread milling cutters

In thread milling, the thread is produced by doing a helical interpolation. The cutting process enables the production of threads from a nominal diameter of 1 mm (single profile), with multi-profile from M2. Some tools are also equipped with countersinkers and/or face cutters.

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Drill thread milling cutter

Revolutionary thread manufacture in perfect form, made possible by CNC technology. With a combination bore thread milling tool, the bore, countersink and internal thread is produced  in one pass!As standard we offer two versions: our   KOMET   JEL®   BGF  drill thread milling tool with countersink on the shank side for defined thread lengths of 1.5×D | 2×D | 2.5×D and 3×D. For different thread lengths our   KOMET   JEL®   UBGF  universal drill thread milling tool with countersink on the shank and face side should be used. The fine grain carbide grades used and also the coatings guarantee a long tool life.

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JEL®  grey cast iron and grey cast iron with carbide inserts




Cutting Tap

KOMET   JEL®   tap drills open up a wide range of applications in thread cutting operations.  Whether you wish to machine wet, with internal coolant supply, use minimal lubrication  or machine dry – we will supply you with the optimum tap drill.

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Roll form taps

In contrast to thread cutting, no chips are produced when threads are made using thread formers. Materials with a breaking elongation >5 % and a tensile strength <1000 N/mm² are suitable for when forming threads. Formed threads have a smoother surface and greater tensile strength under dynamic stress than cut threads. Solid carbide thread formers have a tool life that is up to 20 times longer than those made of HSS-E. The patented thread former made of HSS-E with brazed carbide inserts are particularly well suited for use on transfer lines. The flexible base body compensates for small alignment errors, whilst the carbide achieves the longest tool life at the cutting point. Limitations: Thin-walled components with a wall thickness <2x lead cannot be formed.

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PCD tools

KOMET®  is a leading player in the field of polycrystalline diamond solid substrates – not only in its use of technology but also in terms of quality. The process used enables ultra-fine diamond layers of superior quality and purity to be applied, even to large surfaces and those with complicated shapes.

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VABOS Easy modular hybrid tools

KOMET   JEL®   VABOS, the variable boring and countersinking system, is a modular tool system which is particularly notable for its extremely high flexibility. A broad based range of machining tasks can be carried out with just a few components – a central tool combined with inserts for universal shaping. When manufacturing bores and threads on CNC machines significant time savings and improvements in quality can be achieved.

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KOMET®  custom tools

If you’re looking for solutions, we can provide results. Developing customer-specific solutions is one of  KOMET's main areas of expertise. It is often impossible to perform machining operations using standard tools owing to geometry and tolerance requirements as well as the desire to combine several machining steps in a single tool. Project management at KOMET is setting new standards in this regard in the development of custom special tools.



TPT online & TPT mobile

Quickly and easily select tools and generate CNC programs for standard KOMET GROUP bore thread milling cutters and thread milling cutters, whenever you need, wherever you are. Find the tool you need in seconds. Generate a CNC program with next to no effort.

TPT online and TPT mobile

Synchro tapping chuck

KOMET JEL®  synchro tapping chucks compensate for the length errors caused by the backlash and create the prerequisites for achieving optimum performance from your tapping tools.

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Our customers choose us because our premium tools represent the pinnacle of process reliability and precision. As a pioneer of machining, we offer tangible benefits, including not only customer service and support but also imaginative flair which inspires our customers.


  • Holistic approach to creating sophisticated solutions for machining and manufacturing processes
  • Designing innovations that focus on the key issues of the future, such as Industry 4.0 and lean automation, and then using them in real-life applications
  • Development of new service concepts that streamline logistics operations and workflows
  • Conditioning drilling, reaming, milling and threading tools to return them to their original quality
  • Sharing the latest practical knowledge through training, expert forums and events
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