Synchro tapping chuck

Optimal performance for threading tools – when working with feed rate per rotation, a synchro tapping chuck provides optimal compensation for the backlash that occurs during reversing.

KOMET  JEL®  JSF Synchro tapping chuck

Modern CNC machines allow synchronous thread tapping without a compensating chuck, also called "rigid tapping". The backlash of the spindle causes stress to one side of the cut tap or form tap, respectively. This may result in a reduced tool life and lack of quality in the surface of the thread. KOMET JEL synchro tapping chucks compensate for the length errors caused by the backlash and create the prerequisites for achieving optimum performance from your tapping tools.


benefits to you

  • Optimum tool performance
  • Lengths can be adjusted from both sides
  • Maximum tool life
  • Compatible tapping chucks available for wet machining and for MQL one-channel or MQL two-channel systems


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