Turning tools

Wide variety of possible applications

Not only can our turning tools be used for conventional lathes, turret lathes, automatic lathes and custom machines, they can also be used for boring heads and milling machines. They are equally at home with both external and internal machining. Their simple design combined with ultimate precision continues KOMET®  's noted tradition of excellence – quality which has been much sought-after for decades across the globe. Satisfaction across generations of customers.

KOMET  UniTurn®

The  KOMET  UniTurn®   boasts an extremely rigid union between the turning tool and the clamping holder. An eccentric clamping device in the holder minimises tool change times and ensures that the cutting edge is positioned accurately in the optimum setting.

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External machining

Parting off, grooving, threading

KOMET offers a varied range of turning tools for external machining operations such as parting off, grooving and threading, including threaded tool holders and external thread tools for different pitches.


Clamping turning tools

The clamping turning tools from KOMET for external machining with an angle of 45°, 60°, 90° or 93° can be equipped with indexable inserts.


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KomPass Turning

Internal machining

Clamping turning tools

For internal machining, the KOMET tool range offers you boring bars and clamping turning tools with a cylindrical adapter (1) as well as clamping turning tools with a square adapter (2) in a monoblock construction. Boring tools for the shapes F and G, grooving tools for the shape H and threading tools for the angles 55° and 60° supplement the range. You can benefit from our  KOMET®  regrinding service for many of our tools for machining operations involving turning.


Boring, grooving and threading tools (3)

Comprising boring bar holders, boring bars and screw-on turning tool heads for boring, grooving and threading. You can find different diameters, shapes and angles in our catalogue.


You can find further information in our catalogue:

KomPass Turning


Indexable inserts

KOMET®  indexable inserts and the associated tools provide users with an efficient concept for machining any type of material.

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Adapters with KomLoc® HSK clamping technology

We can offer the ideal solution to any requirement with our comprehensive range of tool adapters. Adapters with manufacturer-specific interfaces can be supplied on request.

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