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A partner network of tool grinding shops that trade tools and manufacture individual solid carbide special tools – all from a single source. Fast, flexible and always nearby.



To ensure that investment in your precision tools continues to pay off in the long term, you can use our professional regrinding service to extend the life of all your drilling, milling, threading, reaming and countersinking tools.

Our conditioning experts check your tools in accordance with strict criteria for restoring their original geometry. Original geometries from other manufacturers are also measured and reground properly.

Our conditioning experts will draw up a fair quote for you, taking into consideration your tool's state of wear and the economic viability of carrying out a repair. They will ensure that this process involves removing as little material as possible while guaranteeing optimum grinding quality. We can also send you a detailed measurement report on request.


KOMET SERVICE deals with all types of operations related to conditioning drilling, threading and reaming tools from all manufacturers. Tools from KOMET are conditioned to return them to their original quality. Reamers with soldered-on carbide or cermet inserts are reconditioned properly by  KOMET SERVICE in a process involving retipping and restoration of the original first-cut geometry.



  • DIHART Monomax® – fixed, monoblock*
  • DIHART Monomax® – adjustable, monoblock*
  • Rapid set heads – fixed, modular
  • Cutting rings – adjustable, modular


*cylinder shaft and Morse taper only


We provide a warranty which applies to the original coatings for all tools from KOMET. This is the only way to ensure optimum durability of the coating and guarantee that your tool provides maximum performance. The end result of this is machining performance which can even match that of a new tool. Needless to say, we can also apply coatings according to your particular requests and therefore offer you yet more flexibility on the cutting edge in addition to the grind.

Special tools

Do you require a special solution for an extremely specific machining operation? Would you like to combine several manufacturing processes through the use of a special tool? But do you find that manufacturing takes far too long? Then benefit from our comprehensive expertise and the geographical proximity of our  KOMET SERVICE partners. They are able to configure your special solid carbide step drills or special solid carbide milling cutters with multiple cutting edges and different geometries quickly and completely according to your requirements, offering you impressive value for money. Your local  KOMET SERVICE partner would be happy to draw up a tailored quote for you.


Regrinding tools to adapt them for a particular purpose

And if you need a quicker solution, then our conditioning experts will regrind a standard product to adapt it to meet your specific requirements – quickly, easily and flexibly.

With many years of experience and professional expertise, our team reworks in-stock products for you according to your specific requirements, whether you wish to shorten a tool or create a rake face on a shank.

TOOLlife | New tools


The TOOLlife range of tools includes all of KOMET's standard tools which can be resharpened, along with the associated on-site service provided by  KOMET SERVICE partners. It offers an extensive selection from the fields of drilling, milling, threading, reaming, turning and countersinking, with a focus on solid carbide and HSS standard tools. Beyond the scope of the TOOLlife range, your  KOMET SERVICE  partner has access to KOMET's entire product range.


A strong network for maximum precision

Our comprehensive network of professional  KOMET SERVICE partners has far more to offer you than the "standard grinding shop round the corner".
Our expert team knows that "We are only strong when we work together" and it's under this motto that the team offers you a "Plus" in the form of additional services:

  • Reconditioning of circular saw blades
  • Reconditioning of tools with indexable inserts
  • Reconditioning of broaching tools
  • Lasering of chip breakers
  • Manufacture of composite tools
  • Wire erosion
  • Contractual sawing work
  • Turning and milling work
  • Cylindrical and surface grinding
  • Repair of tools for the wood-processing and plastic-processing industry, and much more


Simply get in touch with your regional  KOMET SERVICE®  partner.

Free collection and returns service

One call is all it takes for your  KOMET SERVICE partner to come and collect your worn tools free of charge from you.

After the repair, your regional  KOMET SERVICE partner will return your tools free of charge, safely stored in our toolboxes. You can refill these with worn tools which your partner will collect from you either at regular, agreed intervals or on an ad-hoc basis.

With KOMET SERVICE you can be sure that you're always making the right choice

  • Excellent value for money
  • Conditioning within five to ten working days (with or without coating)
  • Free-of-charge collection and returns service
  • Products from all manufacturers
  • Comprehensive consultation
  • Everything from a single source


Still not convinced?

Then request our brochure free of charge or send your tool to your local  KOMET SERVICE®  partner for a grinding trial.
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