Console maching with  KOMET  Special drill-milling tool with Tangential Indexable Insert Ø 98,5


Boost the economy with special tools for console maching

Tool so far:
Circular milling cutter with horizontal indexable inserts
4x index's possible
Z = 8
Tool-life: 350 parts

Helix-Milling process,
Infeed only in Z axis


Conversion of the Milling process and adaptation of the tool.

New tool (XF51 24130):
Circular milling cutter with horizontal + Radial fixed pocket tangential indexable inserts
XQ80 32000.038430
8x Index‘s possible
Z = 12
Tool-life: 500 parts

Helix-Milling process,

Infeed in X and Y axis

Customer's Benefit

Higher feed rate and improvement of tool-life.

Cutting material costs: 1.226 €
Machine costs: 35.517 €
Tool change: 343 €
Tool setting: 171 €
= 37.258 €/year