Drilling in Hardox with  KOMET  KUB K2®, replaceable Head Drill


In a 30 mm thick plate, drill 150 holes with a bore diameter of 14 mm.

500 Brinell = 1750 N/mm²

Hüller Hille machining centre
Adapter: SK50
KM pressure approx. 70 bar


Weldon SK taper adapter, Ø16 A05 24320
KUB K2 basic body, Ø14 3XD U53 31400
KUB K2 replaceable head, Ø 14 H70 14000.012725

Cutting data:
Vc = 50 m/min
n = 1130 r.p.m.
fz = 0.05 mm
Vf = 80 mm/min

Customer's Benefit

Increased tool life
Improvement over solid carbide drill,
(defective after a short time) KUB K2 smooth
running, very small chips
Oscillations, caused by unstable magnetic
clamping, were excellenty absorbed by the
KUB K2 steel shank. After 50 drilled holes no wear can be seen!