Face milling a Generator Carrier (wind power) out of St52 with Q40-KFM, Face Milling Cutter


Face milling with extremely long overhang and uneven contour!

Competitor tool:
Corret programming length is not reached due to strong vibrations. Poor surface and blunt insert is the result.

Face milling of base plates
Measuring approx. 6 mm

Generator Carrier Matl - St52,

Clamping process very unstable!


5 KOMET ABS-extensions +
Tool holder A40 25042 +

Tool F55 04210:
Face mill Q40-KFM Ø80 Z = 7
Q40 53210.048425

Tool length approx. 600 mm

Cutting data:
vc = 150 m/min
f = 2,35 mm/rev
vf = 1400 mm/min
n = 600 min-1
ap = 0,3-0,6 mm
ae = 40%

Customer's Benefit

Good results despite the long overhang and uneven contour.
Good surface quality. Insert Geometry 21 used:

  • Sharp and effective cutting performance
  • Soft cutting