Solid carbide milling in cover plate St52 with  KOMET  JEL®  F.line End Milling Cutter HPC


Circular milling Ø 89,7 mm
Rough size: Ø 88 mm with
laser cut pre-fabricated

cover plate


Machining before:
HPC-End milling cutter Garant
vc = 180 m/min
fz = 0,13 mm/rev
f = 0,52 mm/rev
n = 2865 rpm
vf = 1490 mm/min


KOMET  JEL®  F.line End Milling Cutter
HPC Ø 20 mm

Cutting values:
vc = 220 m/min
fz = 0,22 mm/rev
f = 0,89 mm/rev
n = 3500 rpm
vf = 3120 mm/min
ae = 1-2 mm

Customer's Benefit

Milling cutter runs fine. There are no vibrations. The feed rate is double that compared to Garant milling cutter.

Tool life of competitor:
30-60 min.

Tool life  KOMET  JEL®  HPC End Milling Cutter:
160 min

The customer is very satisfied.