PCD tools with chip breaker

Chip Formation

In modern high-volume production there are used more and more PCD-tools. At drill- and reaming operations in long chipping aluminium materials long chips are generated which cannot be controlled.
Up to now there had been limited chances of chip control. For some time we have the possibility to put various topographies in the cutting face. Thus enables us to specifically control chip formation as well as chip breaking.

Drilling into AlSi7Mg


PCD-step drill
Ø20,99/22,795/24,275/20 internal coolant NZ2 assembled in PCD-VABOS-M Ø20


Cutting data:
vc = 500 m/min
f = 0,40 mm/rev

Without chip breaker

With chip breaker

Finish drilling into AlMg3

Step drill Ø8H8 /11,7 IKS NZ2

Cutting data:
Hole has been pre-drilled Ø 6,0
vc = 250 m/min
f = 0,20 mm/rev

Without chip breaker

With chip breaker