KOMET®  coolant-controlled precision drilling system

The tool is loaded with 40 bar (ICS), the cutting edges extend. The pressure is increased on the bottom of the hole, the cutting edges retract. The tool can be moved out of the fitted position in rapid mode G0 with no contour distortion. The cutting edge adjustment is performed via the machine control system/spindle.


Benefits for you

    • Central cutting edge adjustment
    • Lifting of the cutting edge above ICS 40 bar


    Material 3.3206 (AlSi7MgCu0,5)


    Cutting data

    • vc = 500 m/min
    • vf = 1415 mm/min
    • n = 1887 U/min
    • f = 0.75 mm/U
    • ap = 0.35 mm im Radius


    Surface Rz 25.8