Only the most advanced technology makes the cut

We define top performance as "THE CUTTING EDGE". It reflects our wide range of high-precision premium tools, the cutting edge of which delineates the bounds of technological feasibility.

The peak of perfection

The KOMET GROUP stands for the systematic development and implementation of innovative ideas and technologically forward-looking products. Through the medium of "THE CUTTING EDGE", we will once again be demonstrating our role as a technological leader and be presenting new product solutions that enable our customers to occupy a leading position in their field. The best from the best – this is the promise we make to our customers and the challenge we set for ourselves.

Our new products and product highlights provide our customers with completely new potential in terms of performance, productivity and efficiency. We are constantly expanding our range of products and services, consistently tailoring them to meet the changing needs of the market and our customers. KOMET®  has always been well-known as a leading innovator for high-precision drilling, reaming and threading. With our extensive range of milling cutters, we are now positioned as a single-source supplier in this area. Our range also features numerous new indexable inserts and, with the  KOMET®  assistance system, we are marking a milestone in the field of Smart Production and Industry 4.0.

Full range of tools for drilling

You can find all of our other products as well as an overview of compatible, complementary or optional products in the current edition of KomPass Drilling.


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Fascination for machining

Perfection down to the finest detail. THE CUTTING EDGE by KOMET® – only the most advanced technology makes the cut. Experience our expertise for yourself on our YouTube channel.