Special tools

Bespoke solutions for any situation

Working closely with your industry, very closely with you and even more closely with your processes. Bringing together expertise in product development and a focus on deriving tangible benefits for our customers has enabled KOMET to become a specialist in creating industry-tailored solutions that combine both tools and processes. We work in partnership with you to optimise your manufacturing process and apply our expertise to meeting your production requirements in a way that is dynamic and delivers maximum performance and profitability.

The development of specific customer solutions represents an important core competence of KOMET. Due to the geometry and tolerance requirements and the combination of several machining steps in one tool, such machining tasks are often beyond the capabilities of standard tools.

In developing highly effective special tools, KOMET sets new standards for your production process. KOMET is your system partner, from process optimisation and tool design to complex production solutions.

Innovative solutions are forged by close collaboration. We work with you to develop the ideal product for your requirements.

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Multi-stage drilling tool with MQL and indexable insert technology

Multi-stage drilling tool with MQL and indexable insert technology

Multi-stage drilling tool with MQL and indexable insert technology

Special tools for bore machining

KOMET develops bespoke tooling concepts that allow its customers to machine steel, cast materials and aluminium or SiboDur. These special tools can be designed for either dry machining or minimum quantity lubrication, and will integrate perfectly into your production process. You benefit from significantly increased tool life as well as considerably reduced set-up and take-down times.

Multi-stage and special tools for reaming

Due to requirements relating to design, tolerance and other quality considerations, it is often not possible to accomplish machining tasks using standard tools. Special process evaluations and tool developments are then required. Using multi-stage and modular reaming tools, KOMET enhances the functionality of the tool used, which reduces your machining costs.

Multi-stage tool for drilling bearing channels

Multi-stage tool with PCD indexable inserts

Combination of replaceable cutting head and cutting ring

Multi-edged multi-stage tool for maximum dimensional accuracy

Mechatronic solutions


By combining a  KOMET  KomTronic®  U-axis system and Xstep® honing tools, machining centres can be used for honing, which delivers enormous benefits, both economic and qualitative.

Xstep® is a registered trademark of XLNT high pecision tools GmbH

Differential case

Machining differential cases with a mechatronic concept. All the relevant quality features are produced with the workpiece clamped in a single position. All differential cases can be produced with one indexable insert, and any contour is possible.

MGF thread milling cutter

Shell-type tool for cutting external threads

Thread milling cutter for series production using dry machining and minimum quantity lubrication

Special tools for thread cutting

Innovative special tooling solutions are our speciality. KOMET combines the experience it has accumulated over decades in the industry with its forward-thinking expertise to bring you unique threading tools. The hallmarks of our customer-focussed solutions are their incredibly high cutting speeds and feed rates. Tailored to the workpieces and materials you want to work with, our solutions will allow you to maximise dimensional accuracy and process reliability.

Special milling cutters for machining the V-band on the turbocharger housing

Special side and face milling cutters for machining the bearing seat webs in a crankcase

Special milling cutters for machining brake calliper lugs

Special milling cutters for machining the sealing grooves in a pump housing

Special milling cutter

Special tools for milling

When designing your bespoke milling cutters, we combine our many years of experience in tool design and manufacturing indexable inserts with our expertise in materials, coatings and geometry. Our passion is our profession and we represent milling at its very best.

VABOS-M – monobloc holder with indexable inserts for counterboring and chamfering operations

Hybrid tools

Developing combination tools for drilling and threading operations, for example, is one of KOMET project management team's core areas of expertise. Application-optimised design affords outstanding cost-effectiveness and productivity.

PCD/NCD/CBN/cermet/silicon nitride coatings

We manufacture high-grade nano-diamond-coated tools for applications in the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace industries, for mould making and the energy sector. KOMET's process produces excellent quality, ultra-fine diamond coatings of outstanding purity for all high-tech machining requirements.

Special tools

Your manufacturing process is one of a kind – and we think like nobody else. With our special tools, we offer bespoke solutions for any machining problem.

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